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How To Clean Your Samsung Washing Machine.

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You are probably not the only one that wonders why a washing machine doesn’t self clean, and in turn needs proper cleaning. I mean why clean the cleaners yeah. Well, it is important to note that washing machines do a good job cleaning for us, and to ensure their smooth and efficient run, we need to clean them.

Not cleaning your washing machine can lead to two main issues; mold build-up, and rust. 

So how? In this article, we will explore ways to keep your washing machine clean and efficient.

How to Clean a Front-Loading Washing Machine

1.Make sure there is not any laundry in the tub, and remove any remaining water in the tub by running a spin-only cycle.

2.Pour liquid chlorine bleach into the detergent compartment and fill it to the max line. Note: Don’t use the bleach compartment.

3.After pouring the liquid chlorine bleach, use the “self clean” function. (Do not leave liquid chlorine bleach in your washer.) Close the front-loading washer’s lid or door and press the power button.

4.When the self-clean cycle completes, wipe clean any residue in the tub using paper towels.

6.Run a rinse and spin cycle to remove any remaining residue. If necessary, continue running additional cycles until there is no more visible mold residue.

7.Leave the lid or door open to let the washing machine dry. Also leave the detergent drawer open to help it dry.

8.Wipe down the pump filter, which is typically located on the front, near the bottom, and behind a panel on front-loading washing machines.

How To Clean A Top Loader Machine.

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  1. Empty the Washer: Check to make sure that the washer drum is empty of clothes. The dispensers should also be empty with no detergent or fabric softener in the reservoirs.
  2. Add 1 cup of liquid chlorine bleach to the washer drum to kill bacteria and fungus that may be trapped in the washer.
  3. Allow the washer to run through its longest wash, rinse, and spin cycle. 
  4. Clean dispensers with white vinegar or warm water. 
  5. Clean the outer part of the machine. Pay extra attention to knobs and electronic panels.

Regularly cleaning your washing machine isn’t just about hygiene, it saves you money on repairs and replacements in the long run.  By following these simple cleaning steps regularly, you can keep your washing machine functioning optimally, ensure fresh-smelling laundry, and extend its lifespan. 

Get the most of your laundry when you use Samsung washing machine.

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