About us


Rifugio Communications Ltd is a registered partner to Samsung and other global mobile device brands in Nigeria. We operate a chain of Samsung Experience Stores and Rifugio Brand stores, which provide an array of warranty protected Mobile devices and accessories at the best prices, across Nigeria.

We offer mobile hardware required to house bespoke Sales Force Automation and Mobile Device Management solutions (Samsung Knox) to organizations.

We offer Laptops, printers (inclusive of mobile and portable printers), printing consumables such as ink and toners, as well as other types of IT equipment.

 Our mission is to provide world-class customer experience with unique offerings across our retail stores, while adding value to organizations, through provision of tailored business solutions to enhance productivity.


Rifugio Communications proposes to offer the best deals on Mobile Devices, Wearable Technology and Accessories; Laptops, Printers and Projectors, IT Equipment etc. from the best brands, to Corporate Organizations.

These brands include: